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The origins of the Monroe Soccer Club began in the early 1980’s as the Monroe-Easton Soccer Club, Inc. In 1986, Easton broke off from the Monroe-Easton Soccer Club. Although Monroe continued to field travel teams under the banner Monroe Soccer Club, with Dana Gargano as President, the Club was not incorporated. The Monroe-Easton Soccer Club, Inc. was dissolved by the Secretary of State on September 4, 1987. This was done because the corporation failed to file an annual report for two consecutive years. Club members did not know this information until the fall of 1989. At that point the Club thought about re-incorporating under the old Monroe-Easton Soccer Club, Inc. banner; however, an Easton contingent did not wish to be involved with an entity known as the Monroe-Easton Soccer Club. This information is recorded in the February 1990 minutes of the Club. Monroe Travel Soccer members then decided to file for incorporation as the Monroe Soccer Club, Inc.

The Monroe Soccer Club was legally incorporated on February 1, 1990. The first Board Meeting of the newly formed club was held on February 22, 1990. The first officers of the new club are shown below. Officers 1989-90 President - Deborah A. McGrath Vice President - Simon Wheatley Secretary - Douglas Finocchi Treasurer - Jack Fraccasini Four teams were formed, three boys teams and one girls team. These were the ’78 Panthers, ’79 Strikers, ’79 Shamrocks, ’80 Chargers. The first soccer camp was held the week of August 27, 1990 at Wolfe Park and was run by North American Soccer Camps. It was noted in the Minutes of the June 28, 1990 board meeting that flyers were given to players regarding the design of a new MSC patch.

At the time the Club was still using the Monroe-Easton patch. It was reported in the August minutes that Jason Walls won the contest for development of a new MSC patch shown below. Officers 1990-91 President - Deborah A. McGrath Vice President - Simon Wheatley (2/90-10/90) Acting Vice President - Noel B. Walls (10/90-2/91) Secretary - Douglas Finocchi Treasurer - Jack Fracassini The teams included the Panthers, Shamrocks, Strikers, Chargers, U16 boys. Officers 1991-92 President - Deborah McGrath (2/91-8/91) Acting President - Noel Walls (9/91-2/92) Vice President - Noel Walls (2/91-9/91) Acting Vice President - Doug Finocchi (9/91-2/92) Secretary - Doug Finocchi (2/91-10/91) Acting Secretary - Tom Wolf (10/91-2/92) Treasurer - Jack Fracassini (2/91-1/92) Acting Treasurer - Larry Eastman (1/92-2/92) Teams: Diamonds, Panthers , Patriots, Jazz U-11, Sting, Chargers, Shamrocks, Strikers, U16 Boys, U10 Girls, U10 Boys. The adoption of a player age change rule conforming to USYSA/CJSA became effective on September 1, 1991. The age change went from January 1 to August 1. McGrath resigned in September and Noel Walls was elected by the Board as McGrath’s replacement until the annual meeting. Doug Finocchi was elected as Vice President.

In October, Tom Wolf was elected as Secretary replacing Finocchi. Jack Fracassini notified the board in November that he was stepping down in January. Larry Eastman was elected to replace Jack in January. Although not yet a board elected position, Peter O’Karma became the first registrar for the club in September in response to a CJSA request that only one person register the entire club. In the past, each team was responsible for registering with CJSA. Interesting fact: players, with approval of the board, could play-up or play-down (noted in the minutes from 12/91 and 1/92). Gene Marini was the field coordinator for this year. Officers 1992-93 President - Noel B. Walls Vice President - Doug Finocchi Secretary - Tom Wolf Treasurer - Larry Eastman Teams: Diamonds, Panthers U10, FC Monroe U10, Patriots, Sting, Chargers, Strikers, Jazz U12, U16. Dave Czerniawski replaced Marini as field coordinator. As of the March meeting no club registrar had been officially appointed. Tryout coordinator was Bud Rugarber. A double rostering rule went into effect, which allowed players to play for two teams, with parent and board approval, when coaches disagreed on player playing up. Details of this policy are attached to the minutes of 4/12/92. First scholarship awarded to Jarad Scher and Kathleen Zinn.

At the June meeting of the board, Doug Finocchi became the first elected club registrar. Also, the board approved the motion that the Club goes to one uniform for all teams. The uniform chosen was the uniform worn by the U12 Chargers. Change to the new standard uniform was done as teams needed to purchase new uniforms. The Club agreed to pay $25.00 for referees and $10.00 for linesmen. Officers 1993-94 President - Noel B. Walls Vice President - Frank Bent Secretary - Tom Wolf Treasurer - Larry Eastman Teams: Huskies, Magic, Panthers U11, FC Monroe U11 , Chargers , Sting , Patriots, Jazz U13. U9 and U10 age groups were dropped from State Cup in the fall of 1993. Dave Czerniawski resigned as field coordinator and was replaced by former field coordinator, Gene Marini.

In April the new standard MSC player socks, green with “Monroe” down the side, were purchased by the Club. Scholarships went to Reif Boison and Sarah Minillo. Peter O’Karma becomes club registrar replacing Doug Finocchi. Officers 1994-95 President - Noel B. Walls Vice President - Frank Bent Secretary - Nancy Baranowski Treasurer - Larry Eastman Teams: Flash U9, Meltdown U10, Lightning U10, Stars U11, Huskies/Thunder F.C. U11, Magic U12, Panthers U12, Patriots U13, Sting U14, Impact U14. Tom Wolf resigned as Secretary effective with the Annual General Meeting. Nancy Baranowski was elected as a write-in candidate. John Herdic became the new field coordinator. At the March meeting Greg McDermott was elected to a new position as the club publicist. The first parent review committee was formed. Gene DeVita, Marc Berry and Mike Stabile were appointed to this committee. Carlos Barbier was elected as new tryout coordinator. Nancy Baranowski replaced Gene DeVita on the parent review committee. Rick Bobowick replaced Marc Berry on parent review committee. Scholarships awarded to Rob Moore and Sylvia DeGeralamo. Vinny Cihal replaced Barbier as tryout coordinator. Mike Milne replaced Herdic as field coordinator. Cihal resigned as tryout coordinator. Peter O’Karma resigned as club registrar at the November meeting. Officers 1995-96 President - Rick Bobowick Vice President - Frank Bent Secretary - Nancy Baranowski Treasurer - Larry Eastman Noel Walls was elected as tryout coordinator. He replaced Cihal. Kathy McDermott replaced Peter O’Karma as club registrar. Officers 1996-97 President – Rick Bobowick Vice President – Frank Bent Secretary – Tom Pane Treasurer – Larry Eastman The club contracted with MLS Camps to conduct its summer camp during the last week of July. One hundred eleven (111) players attended the camp, which was deemed a big success. The club also sponsored a trip to Giants Stadium to see the Metrostars play. Two hundred (200) people (four busloads) participated in this fun event, which included everyone from our club being allowed onto the field prior to team warm-ups. Officers 1997-98 President – Ted Christensen Vice President – George King Secretary – Tom Pane Treasurer – Linda Schulman Nancy Pane replaced Kathy McDermott as club registrar. Linda Schulman initiated the movement of club funds into interest bearing accounts after researching the IRS implications for doing so (so as not to jeopardize our not-for-profit status). The club invested $10,000 into the development of a field behind Fawn Hollow. The club voicemail system was launched this year. The club again sponsored a trip to a Metrostars game. One hundred (100) people participated. All players in uniform were allowed onto the field to “high-five” the players on both teams as they entered the field for warm-ups. During 1998 a new club patch was designed by Al Corsino. His patch won in a “run-off” vote against the patch selected during the 1998 banquet. The club was forced to find a new club uniform since Adidas announced that it was discontinuing its Santiago line. Steve Vavrek chaired a committee that selected the forest green Kelme Classico uniform. The club had MLS Camps conduct the summer camp again which was attended by 165 players. The annual banquet in February was the largest yet with 464 attendees. This seasonal year also saw the largest registration yet, 275 players. Officers 1998-99 President – Ted Christensen Vice President – George King (9/98-2/99) Don Arcuri – (replaced George King upon his resignation in 1998 and formally began his term on 3/99- ) Secretary – Tom Pane (9/98-2/99) Rick Testani – (3/99- ) Treasurer – Linda Schulman (9/98-2/99) Robin Wheeler – (3/99- 8/99) Ernie Derenzis -- (9/99 -) Rich DeRosa replaced Mike Turkosz as field coordinator. Steve Vavrek was voted in as the club’s first coaching director. The club sponsored an “E License” course in February and multiple coaches’ clinics throughout the year. The club sponsored both referee certification and re-certification clinics locally. The Review Board is now made up of Rick Bobowick, Tom Pane, Al Corsino and Frank Dutches. Four (4) teams made it into the quarterfinals of the 98' fall State Cup, the U11G Magic, U12G Stars, U13B Raiders and U14B Lightning. The Masuk varsity girl’s squad made it to the state semi-finals. One team made it to the spring State Cup finals, the U15G Motion. The U-13 G Stars Won the fall 99' State Cup, the first team in the history of the Monroe Soccer Club to bring the Cup trophy back to Monroe. The club by-laws were updated and this policy book was introduced in the summer of 99'. The club web page was launched and a club hat were introduced as well. This year’s summer camp was expanded to include an optional afternoon session focused on technique and positional play. The club sponsored a trip to the opening ceremonies and first round games of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. More than 100 people attended. The USA took home the Cup, of course! Officers 2000-2001 President - Don Arcuri (5/2000) Vice President - Rick Testani (5/2000) Secretary - Charlie Lang (5/2000) Treasurer - Ernie Derenzis (9/1999) The above Executive Board slate was approved by the general board on 5/15/2000 and voted into office. Rick Bobowick resigned as the By-Laws administrator and the position was removed from the club board. Instead the position of Immediate Past President was established and Ted Christensen was nominated to that spot. Additionally, Rick Bobowick retired from the club and vacated his review board position, this opening was filled by Fred Martin. Rich DeRosa retired from the club with Rick Rowan replacing him as field coordinator. Al Corsino vacated his position as equipment coordinator and was replaced by Rick Johnson. Finally, Steve Vavrek resigned as Coaching Director leaving that position open effective with the fall 2000 season. The Spring season brought the most aggressive run on the State Cup that the club has ever had with 5 teams making the quarterfinal games; the U11G Xtreme, the U13G Stars, U14G Panthers, the U15G Motion and the U15B Lightning. Of these, three teams went to the semifinals, the Xtreme, the Stars and the Panthers. Finally, two teams went to the State Cup Finals, the U11G Xtreme and the U14G Panthers, with the Panthers as the only successful State Cup Champion for the Spring 2000 season. As a result, were invited to play in a National Tournament in Columbus, Ohio, sponsored by Kellogg. Although, not successful at the Columbus Tournament, the team had a very successful season representing the club. The Fall 2000 season has brought four new teams to the Monroe Soccer Club. The U-9 Boy's Flyers entered and was approved for Scott Flynn, the U-9 Boy's Thunder entered and was approved for Skip Dugas and the U-9 Girl's team the Storm entered and was approved for Linda Fothe. In addition, a new U-10 Girl's team, the Comets has been entered and approved for Mike Sutton. In December of 2000, Tom Pane the Planning Director for the club, submitted two Grant requests to the US Soccer Foundation requesting a total of $340K for field development. Awards are made in May of each year. Early 2001, Al Corsino resigned from the club and his position on the review board. Scott Flynn was nominated to replace him and was voted into the position. Officers 2001-2002 President - Don Arcuri Vice President - Rick Testani Secretary – Charlie Lang Treasurer - Ernie Derenzis A new U-10 Boys team was requested by Pam Benedict to begin in the Spring 2001 season as a Development team (not competing for league position). The reason the request as a Development team, was because of the CJSA SWD restrictions on roster size for the U-9 through U-10 teams. When this team becomes a U-11 team in the fall of 2001 they will become an official competitive team. The spring 2001 season has also brought the loss of a long-standing team that had over time, an excellent record. The Mustangs have withdrawn from soccer affiliation with this new season and will disband their team. We'll miss them. Two new teams have been approved for the Fall 2001 season, a U-9 Boys team to be coached by Tim Martin, and a U-9 Girls team to be coached by Donald Nickdow. In May 2001, Charlie Lang resigned his position as secretary of the club, but volunteered to continue in that capacity until a replacement could be found. Larry Parkinson agreed to become the new President during January 2002. In December of 2001, Don Arcuri resigned as president of the club, but agreed to continue until the completion of the AGM and annual soccer banquet 2/24/2002. At the February MSC meeting, the upcoming election of officers was reviewed and Rick Testani agreed to become the President and Tim Martin agreed to be added to the board and the upcoming ballot for officers. Officers 2002-2003 President -Don Arcuri (5/2000-2/2002) Rick Testani (2/2000 -) Vice President - Rick Testani (5/2000 – 2/2002) Tim Martin (2/2002 - ) Secretary – Charlie Lang (5/2000 – 5/2001, then acting)Larry Parkinson (11/2001 -) Treasurer - Ernie Derenzis (9/1999) Irene O’Shaughnessey and Tom Rainey have been approved by the Board to coach the U9G Strikers and U9B Force team for the fall 2002 season Jim O"Brien became the new MSC Coaching Director replacing Paul Baber. Jim is the head soccer coach of Fairfield University Women's Soccer. The spring 2003 season resulted in 6 MSC teams reaching the Quaterfinals in the State Cup. U11B Flyers & U16G Panthers won the CT Cup tmnt. in the spring 2003 season Officers 2003-2004 President: Rick Testani Vice President: Tim Martin Secretary: Larry Parkinson Treasurer: Ernie Derenzis Bruce Reading & Ed Cheever have been approved by the Board to coach the U9G Mustang and U9B Celtic team for the fall 2003 season. The spring 2004 season resulted in 8 MSC reaching the Quaterfinals in the CT Cup, four teams advancing to the Semifinals resulting in the U11B Wolves won the CT Cup tmnt. in the spring 2004 season Officers 2004-2005 President: Rick Testani Vice President: Tim Martin Secretary: Larry Parkinson Treasurer: Ernie Derenzis, John Maiolo after 9/1/2004 Eric Murray & Ben Maini have been approved by the Board to coach the U9 girls and boys team for the fall 2003 season. The 2004 fall season was the inaguaration of the Monroe Rec. Plus program. Anthony Esposito was approved by the MSC board as Rec. Plus Director. MSC Travel Teams: U9G Flames, U9B Lightning, U10G Mustang, U10B Celtic, U11G Strikers, U11G Fire, U11B Force, U12G Power, U12B Wolves, U12B Vipers, U13G Storm, U13B Flyers, U13B Thunder, U14G Monroe United, U14G Monroe Premier, U14B Wolfpack, U16G Revolution, U16G Xpress & U16B Wildats. MSC Rec Plus teams: (2) Third/Fourth Grade Boys team, 5th/6th Grade Girls & 5th/6th Grade Boys. U12G Power advanced to the finals in the CT Cup Tmnt. The U16 Boys Wildcats win the 2005 Connecticut Cup state championship, beating Stamford 2-1 on a winning goal as time expired.Officers 2005- Present President: Rick Testani Vice President: Tim Martin (till 5/16/05) Dave Greenbaum (after 5/16/2005 Secretary: Larry Parkinson Treasurer: John Maiolo. Tim Martin resigned as MSC VP on May 16, 2005. Dave Greenbaum was elected to this position. MSC board approved that paid coaches will be employed beginning with the new U9B&G teams for the fall 2005 season. John Maiolo resigns as Treasurer of the MSC - replacaed by Ben Maini. Fall 2005 MSC Teams: U9G Xtreme, U9B Fury, U10G Flames, U10B Lightning, U11G Mustang, U11G Magic, U11B Celtic, U12G Strikers, U12G Fire, U12B Force, U13G Power, U13B Wolves, U13B Vipers, U14B Flyers and U14B Thunder.