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Dear players, and parents interested in trying out for the Monroe Soccer Club Travel Program. This note will address the goals of the Monroe Soccer Club, the tryout process, and requirements and commitments involved in playing travel soccer for the upcoming season.
The Monroe Soccer Club’s Goals
The Monroe Soccer Club is a not for profit club designed to facilitate travel soccer in the town of Monroe. The Club’s primary goals are to develop player’s soccer skills; produce competitive teams at all levels; and build our children’s self confidence. The teams will strive to be competitive, but not at the expense of the children. Parents are expected to treat all players, and volunteers, with the utmost respect. 
The Tryout Process
Dependent upon the age group, there will be two or three tryout sessions. Each player is highly encouraged to attend all sessions. The total scores of all sessions will determine each players overall tryout score, and ultimately their placement on the team. For returning teams, the tryouts will be run by the existing coaches in a particular age group. For the new U9 teams being formed, individuals who have been selected to be the coach of each team will run tryouts. If a team is without a head coach, the Monroe Soccer Club Coaching Director and professional evaluator and will collectively select the team. You will be notified within two weeks of the final tryout of your status for the upcoming season.  Each player is evaluated in five categories (overall, technical skills, tactical knowledge, physical attributes, and mental readiness) by the coaching staff, and an independent professional evaluator. Based on these evaluations, the teams are selected by their head coach with approval from the Monroe Soccer Club’s Coaching Director.
Requirements and Commitments of Travel Soccer
Fall and Spring seasons
·         The fall season will run from mid August through mid November and the spring season will run from April through June.
·         Teams will play league games against other teams of similar age in the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association Southwest District. The geography of the Southwest district is from Greenwich to Ridgefield to Shelton to Bridgeport. Typically four home games and four away games per season will be scheduled.
·         Most games will be played on Sunday afternoons, but there may be occasional make up games on Saturdays or on weeknights.

Winter season
·         Teams typically play in at least one eight-week winter indoor session. These sessions will most likely be held at the Sports Zone in Trumbull, with one game each weekend for an eight-week period. Some teams may also elect to participate in additional indoor sessions.
·         The Monroe Soccer Club typically offers an eight week Winter Skills Session that is held at the Sports Zone on a week night evening. Attendance is not mandatory but is encouraged.

·         The team will practice twice per week, and each session will last between one and two hours.
·         Practice start times range from 4:00 to 8:00 and are held at fields in Monroe.

·         Teams at U11 and older will participate in the Connecticut Cup games on Saturday afternoons until they are eliminated in both the fall and spring. The Connecticut Cup tournament is held for each age group in the fall and spring and is a single elimination tournament with the eventual winners declared Connecticut Cup Champions.
·         Teams are enchoraged to participate in one other tournament per season. Teams may participate in more than one tournament as decided by each team. These tournaments are often over holiday weekends, such as Labor Day, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day weekends. U9 and U10 teams enter into tournaments, but these are on a non-result basis only.
·         The entry fee for one tournament per season is reimbursed by the MSC. Additional tournaments entered into are at the expense of each team.  Transportation and hotel costs are the responibility of the palyer's parents / guardians should the team participate in a distant tournament.

·         Although attendance at all practices and games in not mandatory, it is highly encouraged. It is understood that participation in other activities and family events for our children is important and will occur. Such instances should be discussed with each individual team coach and/or general manager – Playing time will be affected.
Preseason Training
·         MSC sponsors preseason training each summer and winter.  All teams are strongly encouraged to attend this training as a full team.  A minimum nuber of teammembers is required in order for the team to be furnished with its own dedicated coach for the sessions.  Summer sessions precede the Fall season and are held out of doors.  Winter sessions are held in-doors prior to the Spring season
The cost per player for the enitre year will be approximately $1185. For first year players (including first year teams), there will be additional expenses of $100 to $200 for uniforms and equipment.  There is a payment schedule which breaks out to 3 equal payments and the cost can be paid online using a credit card.  This information will become available once the team selection process has been completed.