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Referee Questions
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Referee Fees
  Referee Fees for the 2005/2006 Season Referee...

  As a reminder all goals must be anchored. Teams...
Referee Questions
Please contact for any Referee questions.
Referee Fees

Referee Fees for the 2005/2006 Season

Referee Fees          Center     A/R

rec plus                 $20.00     $10.00

rec plus  lrg
field                       $30.00     $15.00

U9 & U10               $40.00     $20.00

U11 - U13              $50.00     $25.00

U14 - U16              $55.00     $30.00

U17 - U19              $60.00     $35.00

Connecticut cup     $5.00 more than league 


As a reminder all goals must be anchored.

Teams that have the last game of the day for that location are responsible for removing the goals off of the playing field.

Game Cancellation due to Inclement weather. - The field coordinator will leave a message in his voice mailbox by 10 a.m. on mornings when home games are scheduled. Teams need to check this periodically for updates.   Typically a decision will have been made by then relative to field conditions being either playable or non playable (the field coordinator makes the decision after collaborating with Parks and Rec.). A telephone call to the voice mail box at 332-2585 - ext. 13  will provide the most up to date information available to the Soccer Club.

If games are not scheduled until later in the day the field coordinator may "buy some extra time" in order to get the game(s) in.  Please listen closely to the message as only certain fields may be shut down or different decision times may apply to different fields. We will always try our best to get the games in, but never at the risk of player safety or field damage.

Please note that the referee has the final say as to whether the game should be postponed (if they deem the field  non playable at game time) or terminated (due to weather or darkness during the game). 

Officials' Documents

Adobe PDF file Referee Game Report Form *-  For Referees on activity at each game, i.e. injuries, etc.

Adobe PDF file USSF Referee Report *-  Required for all games

Adobe PDF file USSF Supplemental Report *-  Used in conjunction with the above listed USSF Referee Report

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.